Elyseah is the flip side that arouse during a journey through New Zealand to India. With an acute sense of fashion, design and visual aesthetics picked up on her various travels, Elyseah is the new chapter in an individual’s actualisation.

Hate to use the word wanderlust, but it’s a perfect word to describe Elyseah. She does not strive to serve any need but is simply on a journey of creative enlightenment, realised through an amalgamation of fashion and design.​

Elyseah who is an ardent lover of art says that she loves creating art. She says, “Art is originality and uniqueness. It is an emotion coming out passionately in various forms, from a human body through music, through painting, through writing or through anything and everything. Creative imagination is an art. Summing up all the emotions into a poem, expressing pain or love through pictures, influencing humans or immense amount of love for art is an art itself. Art is a blessing which makes this world a better place. World would be an empty canvas without art.”

Elyseah has dabbled herself in many forms – be it acting, modelling or creative directing, her journey does not cease to end. She has a distinctive diversity in work and in her personality, which intrigues one to think who she really is. Elyseah who is an emotional being with a super strong persona always believes that balance is key.