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Forever 21 Dress | Lacoste Watch | Style Fiesta Shades | Zara Heels

Photography & Editing by ffstudio

Time Flies ! Well, That’s true It’s been two months since I started my blog and so overwhelmed with all the love and support you all been giving. This would have never been possible without you all. 2016 is a good year, this year has given me the best thing I could get from my life.It’s been really peculiar,enriching and has led me to achieve a few of my goals.Goals to me have never equated money, a lifestyle or popularity, they have always been about pursuing my artistic ideas and making my imaginary world come true in the form of pictures and words.To bring out the best I am walking towards a slightly new direction,something that probably will help my mind grow and reflect and of course will help me learn and improve.Can’t wait to share the good news with you all on my next blog.Hoping for more great things on my way, but only with you all.