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Feminist. What comes to your mind when you read this word? Women marching down the streets with agendas you don’t get… A bunch of angry females burning the bra… Hate, arguments, debates you don’t want to or badly want to get into? Basically, nothing positive. Why has the word garnered such negativity?

Many individuals, communities, brands have campaigned about “Feminism”, so, what new does Vajor have to say? No, we are not here to say anything new. We are here to say the old! We don’t wish to redefine the word, but, we wish to be a reminder of its real meaning. Because it starts with “F E M” doesn’t make it an issue only about all “F E M ales”. Feminism means equality. It means, what somebody can/cannot do in life will not be governed by what box they tick off in the “Gender” column. It means, when it comes to the important things in life, you are not judged because of what choices you make, all based on your gender. Feminism means gender equality and equal rights for all. This is what we practice, this is what we impart to our children, friends, family. We simply wish to eliminate that “cringe” reflex people have on the mention of feminism. We wish to eliminate the negativity around it.

So, here’s a dress. Yes, it has “feminist” written all over it. And when you wear it, be humble and kind to those who “cringe” when they see you. Don’t hide it in your closet and put it on only when you are in your secure group of people… Your definition of feminism needs to see the light of day. Let’s ensure we build positivity around the word. Wear the dress and share your thoughts… What does “feminist” mean?


 W E A R I N G

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Concept, Styling & Retouching by Elyseah Shaikh

Photography by Harsh Jani

Concept & Retouching by Elyseah Shaikh