Well, Garnier is here with its new launch Ultra Blends #BlendedWithLove. They recently launched their new range of Ultra Blends Shampoo’s. This is more than a shampoo. It’s a hair care from the heart if nature. This new range from Garnier is Pure & Organic, Paragon-free & Guilt- free. This is not a shampoo it’s a hair care like you have never felt before. It’s about rich ingredients blended with love, just for your hair. The Ultra Blends range of hair care are made up of heavenly ingredients which are combined together to do miracles to your hair. There are 5 different products launched for different hair and results. Each of them has their own benefit. I personally tried all the shampoo’s to share my reviews. I love the products as much as I love the new look and smell of these products.
Scroll down to read more about Garnier’s 5 new shampoos in the Ultra Blends range in detail (Ingredients/Benefits/Reviews)


Garnier Ultra Blends |Anti Hairfall Shampoo & Conditioner 

Royal Jelly & Lavender

The reconstructing blend that prevents hair breakage.

Ingredients & Benefits

Royal Jelly –  An extract of the beehive-rich amino acids,vitamins and lipids, helps reconstruct and strengthen your hair.

 Lavender – Extracts from the lavender plant purify and renew your hair, whilst adding a soothing sensorial element to the Blend.


This blend is perfect for hair fall. Try Royal Jelly and Lavender to rebuild breaking hair. Strong hair is the key to beautiful hair. 



Garnier Ultra Blends |  Revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner   

5 Precious Herbs

The detoxifying blend that revitalize weak hair.

Ingredients & Benefits

Lemon – It’s zesty freshness and aromatic oil leave hair feeling revitalised with an enhanced natural shine.

Eucalyptus – This wood scented oil’s incredible healing properties refresh and rejuvenate hair.

Henna – It’s deep conditioning and nourishing power, infuse life into dull and dry hair. 

Aloe – This succulent plant provides the much-needed moisture to revitalize the scalp and hair.

Green Tea – It stimulated microcirculation and fights toxins to tone and revitalise hair. 


This is one of my personal favourite blend as it has benefits of five rich ingredients its perfect for a complete hair care. 


Garnier Ultra Blends |  Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

 Soy Milk & Almonds

The protein rich blend that repair damaged hair.

Ingredients & Benefits

Milk – Its high protein content replenish and restores your hair, making it incredibly soft to touch.

Almonds – Rich in vitamin E, Almonds provide long-lasting deep nourishment to hair.


This blend highly enriched with protein and vitamin. Try this blend for soft, healthy hair. A must for people with damaged hair.


Garnier Ultra Blends |  Deep Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

Mythic Olive

The nourishing blend that revives dry hair.

 Ingredients & Benefits 

Olive Oil – Its therapeutic neophytes and restorative power gives intense nourishment to your hair.


This blend again is so good for hair. It makes your hair look fuller and healthy. A perfect product for gorgeous healthy hair.

IMG_6614Garnier Ultra Blends | Nourishing Shine Shampoo & Conditioner   

Henna & Blackberry

The brilliant blend that illuminates dull hair.

 Ingredients & their benefits

 Henna – Its deep conditioning and nourishing power, infuse life into dull and dry hair.

Blackberry – Its high concentration of anti-oxidants and vitamin C, makes your shine with life.


Just so right for dull, dry and lifeless hair. I’m so in love with the divine smell of this blend. Try this for luscious hair and Shine bright with this heavenly  blend.                                             




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