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Back when the tigers used to smoke, far lived the curious mermaid painted with aqueous hue, swimming across provinces spreading the love even. Preserved in the womb of nature. Wrapped into the dewy leaves, dripping the essence everywhere it goes.

Gliding along the hideous trees, and the streams sweet. Dodging the rocks  fair around leaving the trails behind.

Through the seconds of white and dark, she reaches the shore to the tempting isle, to the place where humans reside. All they need was beauty of hers, but in the bounds of their form. The illusion made the mermaid think, thought of a blend within. But the humans weren’t so kind enough. The evolution slashed her into jigsaw, making her complete blunder. She cried inside, losing the laced crown, the fins and the tail, struggling with damaged honour. Wanting to be heard around, all she need was love, often adressed for the space she urged, the life she asked.

Not everything has to be ruined and not everyone needs to be destroyed.

I hate conditions and I hate to change.

All my odds, all my flaws are who I am.

Accept me the way I am.

Let me be, I’m beautiful where I am.

Find beauty in every little thing,

Live and let live.

Not everything

has to make sense.

Not everything

needs to be explained

or to be understood.

Not everything needs

to be beautiful

or to be appreciated.

Not everyone needs to be impressive

or to be pleased.

Not everything needs to be cured

or to be perfect.

Not everything needs to be the way you want.

Not eveything has to make sense.

Sometimes things are better raw.

Sometimes things are beautiful

with all the imperfections and flaws.

Sometimes things are perfect

Just the way they are.

Photography by Victoria Krundysheva

P.S. She is Art.