Missamore summer jacket | Dotti black dress | Bali street shop shoes

Style Fiesta Shades | New Look Choker

Photography by Kanaiya Rotliwala | Editing by Seah Shaikh


Hello Sugarplums ! All ready for summers ?

I’m flaunting my new wardrobe from Missamore this summer. So Easy to pair ’em all .

This is my second post for Missa more and I can’t really get over the hot stuff they launch every single time.

Like WOW 😍


I tried this look to get the lady nuance factor in this shoot as I personally love dressing classy.

In this look, I’m wearing a basic black cotton sleeveless dress inside and layering up with the red tribe print summer tie-up jacket the catch of the eye and The Red Valentino -The slayers.

To be honest red is not my colour but I’m playing around with loud colours because hey summers are meant to be loud and colourful.

Buy this look on www.missmore.com

Hope you liked this look !

I’ll be posting some more swag to rock the scorching heat this summer.

Stay tuned ❤️

Happy Summers 😘

Much Love,

Elyseah xx