The trekking started from the sugar canes fields, crossing the bushes , hopping the streams

And then comes the climbing part

The giant rocks were a challenging task but

A Happy Task !

Taking breaks in between to feel the heartbeat,

The silence in the woods lets you listen your own breathing

The feeling tho !

After reaching the destination all

You see is a sky !

A sky full of stars,

Five billion stars.

The night got darker and colder

And the Bon fire seemed like a life saver it was than perfect watching the sky it was beautiful watching more then fifty shooting stars a night.

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star ?

I wished the same wish every-time I saw a shooting star !

I named the night

A Mesmerised Meteor Night !

The night just didn’t wanted to end

I couldn’t get enough of it

I couldn’t get over it

It got me all Hypnotised !

I wish I could freeze the moments

I wish I could capture Em all

I wish I could bring you all the stars

The silence of woods and

The peace I found !