Hello my only world !

Hope you all doing well. I know it’s been long since I wrote a blog but trust me I’ve been really busy with things. I missed you all too and guess what some big news are coming up thanks to you all. Looking after health and work both gets tuff at times and top of that travelling but can’t complain I kinda like it.

So this blog is about a potters family one of the most random travel shoot I recently did. I actually visited this place to buy some earthen small pots that we Bengali’s use to make sweet yogurt known as Misthi Doi in Bengali. So I basically ended up there as a customer.

I was kind sad to see how the family lived and thought how unhappy they must be being poor.

When I reached there I saw this lady and two kids playing around and soon the husband comes in too. He seemed to be tired after a long day. So after my pots shopping I ask this family for a picture because they looked so excited seeing a camera around and the kids and husband excitingly comes to fit in the frame but the lady doesn’t and I wondered why she didn’t so I went to her inside and asked if she was coming she replied my husband was at working since morning and must be hungry so I need to finish cooking first .I left from there with a very happy feeling inside. I was too happy to see the love and care and joy this family had. This family is wealthy I no longer find them poor. Because

“Some people are so poor all they have is money.

And some people are so rich all they have is Love”.

I wish more happiness, love and peace for them. You don’t need money to be happy #whatirealised after spending the evening with this family. May God bless them with more happiness, love and peace.




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