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Love how he makes me smile !


Shirt – H&M | Denim – Abercrombie & Fitch | Boots – Carlton London

& A smile 🙂

Photography by Saif Patel

Well, I am here again but not with my horrible poems this time. I’ve been told I am a sad writer and I spread sadness. Yes call me sadness, call me madness, call me whatever. Writing is part of my life now so please bear, please stay. Lately I’ve been feeling more connected to animals and nature and so I am trying to even work around them a lot. Do you see the positivity and happiness they bring in me. Love how they make me smile. Tarzan, Boss and me ! #feelslikefamily. I hope you all liked the cowgirl look of mine here. Thanks for your time. Keep loving keep supporting.

Much Love,