Elyseah is the alter ego that arose during a journey from New Zealand to India. With an acute sense of fashion, design and visual aesthetics picked up across her various travels, Elyseah is the new chapter in an individual’s actualisation. While most hate to use the word wanderlust, it’s a perfect word to describe Elyseah. She does not strive to serve any need but is simply on a journey of her own creative enlightenment, realised through an amalgamation of fashion and design.


Elyseah is a creative professional based in Mumbai, India, exploring her interest across fashion, film, art, travel, photography, writing and mixed media. In her past, Elyseah studied International Business but lately has been an entrepreneur before finding herself at a crossroads. With a late start, only beginning to professionally model in 2017 she is the first petite model to be signed up by a national agency and published in more than 10 globally recognised fashion magazines. Currently, a freelance model and an actor Elyseah prefers campaigns and projects that align well with her design aesthetic. 


Along her journey of modelling and acting, Elyseah discovered a hidden passion for photography. The cross section of these disciplines developed into a vision for conceptualising shoots and left of centre creative direction. The majority of her assignments are styled by Elyseah herself which adds additional value to her portfolio for clients looking for complete production package, a process of "story telling". Over the years, across a wide variety of commissioned and editorial projects Elyseah has refined her style to represent a singular voice which is uniquely hers. 


A singular sense of individuality and an unmistakable aesthetic make her one-of-a-kind.