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Elyseah, decided to begin her modelling
career in 2017 and has continually been appreciated for the sincerity and diversity in her style and work.
Elyseah was the first petite model to be signed by an agency year (2017-2018)and has gathered the
attention of various international magazines for publications. Elyseah is currently freelancing and is available
for challenging and woke campaigns.

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Being open to new experiences, Elyseah tried her hand at acting and was first scouted for an ad by KFC
which was the jumpstart to her acting career. Recognizing her passion for Fine Arts, she pursued an
acting course from ‘The Artists Collective – Atul Mongia’. She can be viewed on various digital platforms
performing in ad films, music videos and fashion films. Seeing that fashion films inspire her, she often
takes them up as her pet projects. Having recently filmed for Cadbury (airing soon!), Elyseah is happy for
opportunities to work on something cool, but her focus will always be directed towards modelling.

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With an acute sense of fashion, design and visual aesthetics picked up on her various travels and
experiences, Elyseah is a new stepping stone in an individual’s journey to self- actualization. She does
not strive to serve any need but is simply on a journey of creative enlightenment. Her individuality and
beliefs has helped her to build her own niche that is being followed by an engaging audience of 80K + on
her social media. Elyseah believes in keeping true to herself and hence is selective about anything she
promotes as it would engage & influence her audience. She is also loved and respected by the brands
she promotes for her creative content and the truly satisfied and benefited marketing results. Elyseah
provides custom marketing plans & packages after understanding the brand vision, value and style for
maximum marketing results.
Feel free to send in requirements for a quotation.

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art doesn't come free and freedom is luxury to art. 


come with an open mind and $$$ to work with me *>

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